Construction Site Fire Alarms

Enhance Health and Safety for your workforce.

construction site warning system

Our early warning system provides a cost effective solution to the need for a robust, flexible alert security system in the ever-changing environment of a construction site.

Fully compliant with the latest HSE Fire regulations for Construction sites (HSG168) & European guidelines covering the use of Radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1).

With no need for cabling or wired power, the battery operated system has a built in Siren and Strobe providing a localised warning. At the same time the activated unit sends out signals to other units in the pre-configured network or zone. These units will then activate.

Benefits of Construction Site Fire Alarm Systems:

  1. Improved on site Health and Safety.
  2. Easy to Operate.
  3. No Cables - No Accidents.
  4. Low Battery Warning Light.
  5. Records activations and tests via base unit.
  6. GSM Connectivity for base station.

“The Ramtech wireless alarm has been some 18 months in development and testing, but has been worth the wait. The best and most cost effective system on the market today without doubt, this device was tested in the most difficult of conditions on site interacting within masses of steelwork and concrete structures and performed way above my expectations. The quick installation and simple testing facility gives you peace of mind enabling health and safety requirements to be met.”

Health & safety manager, Kier Partnership Homes