Corridor of Compliance

The complete site management solution.

biometric access control

Our corridor of compliance cabin units are custom designed for the construction industry. Using a host of innovative features the cabins provide a range of benefits in one simple, compact unit. The range of features included in the cabin are shown below, or to hear what our customers think simply click here.

Biometric Access Control
The cabin incorporates a turnstile linked to our biometric solution for access control. Users can be enrolled from the site office to ease congestion at the turnstile and the system can store up to 20’000 users, ensuring that you never need to make further purchases to keep the system operational as can be the case with fob and card systems.

Video Screen
A TFT screen can be used to display real time messages to the workforce, with details such as forecast weather conditions, any machinery operating that day and much more. The screen can also be linked to our ‘audio alert’ solution which will automatically transmit an audio message when staff enter the cabin. Both on screen and audio information can be updated from the on site PC, enabling site management to quickly update information and ensure that all messages are up to date and relevant.

"Warning, you are now entering a 5-Point PPE area. Please ensure all appropriate equipment is worn at all times beyond this point. Please also be aware that Tower Crane 2 is in operation today between 0800 and 1500."

Voice Warning
Alongside the video wall, messages shown on the video screen can be configured to transmit via an audio loudspeaker. This provides both a visible and audible alert to staff, further ensuring that no warnings or messages are missed by staff.

Internal & External Cameras
We install high definition cameras internally and externally to provide security to the unit, and to provide a visual identification of all persons attempting to enter site. This can be used in cross reference with the biometric data to accurately map staff flow.

BreeCS Site Software
The unit can be upgraded to include our BreeCS site software where required, enabling you to accurately monitor staff time and attendance, workforce locality, carbon emissions and much more. Further details on the BreeCS smart site software can be found by visiting this page.

Green Power Add-On
Where requested we can also install a turbine/solar lighting solution into the cabin, aiding sites with the application of the considerate constructors scheme.



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