Green Power

Green solutions which contribute to your Considerate Constructors Scheme.

green cctv

Combining solar panel, wind turbine, and megapixel IP cameras the Greencam solution allows for time lapse video recording in any location without the need for a reliable and constant mains power source. Designed for use in remote locations where power cannot be provided and in the early stages of construction and building projects the Greencam system means we record all the clips from day one. The system can run indefinitely using wind and solar. The two power sources charge the batteries up sufficiently to keep the system taking the frames and storing them on our secure server. We then host these stills and produce a movie file for you at your instruction.

The use of renewable energy within the system makes it ideal for showcasing your green credentials and the efforts of site in managing all their key performance indicators for power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Assists with KPI and BREEAM delivery


Used in the application of Considerate Constructors Scheme



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