Smart Access Control Solutions

Smart access gives you the ultimate control of your building site with one simple solution.


Our range of smart access solutions provide you with the most reliable way to monitor staff activities on site.

Fully customisable to your needs our building site security systems and solution packages range from basic Time & Attendance monitoring through to comprehensive whole life KPI and cross site management.

Option 1 - Proximity Time & Attendance and Fire Roll Call
Our proximity solution is capable of utilising the CSCS card carried by each site worker for controlling access to and from site, removing the need for additional cards of fobs and the problem of forgotten passes. The system logs the date and time of each entry and exit from building site and compiles this into a simple to use spread sheet for your personal use. The reader can be altered for your specific security needs, requiring an access card, PIN or a combination of the two to deliver the security level you require. For visitors to site a video intercom can be installed or temporary cards issued.

Option 2 - Biometric Time & Attendance and Fire Roll Call
To combat the potential issue of buddy clocking and pass back we can also supply our Time & Attendance solution with biometric fingerprint readers. Using an industry leading sagem algorithm the reader ensures reliable staff control in all conditions, and has been designed to withstand the harsh environments often found on construction sites. This can again be used in conjunction with the proximity cards and PIN to provide the security level you require.

Option 3 - Comprehensive KPI and Building Site Management
Our comprehensive software package provides additional add-on features for full KPI monitoring. Through the programme the system records Time & Attendance, Carbon Emissions, Workforce Locality and Ethnicity, Total Vehicle Mileages and more for 'whole life performance' auditing.

Cabin Solution
All our access control solutions can be supplied housed within their own weatherproof cabin. Providing a more aesthetically pleasing solution the unit is delivered complete with a single full height turnstile, your choice of access solution, video intercom and discreet anti-vandal camera. Exterior cameras can also be provided and monitored subject to your requirements.

KPI Monitoring
Below is a selection of Key Performance Indicators which the system has been designed to monitor:

Time and Attendance
The system records staff movement on building site in real time to give you the most accurate time and attendance data whenever you need it. Compiled into easily manipulated reports or excel spreadsheets the system stores all staff data throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. All information is stored within the cloud via a secure connection meaning if necessary data can be gathered from any location with an internet connection.

co2Carbon Emissions and CO2
The system can be tailored to provide carbon emission details at a level you require. From simple average mileage calculations to specific and exact calculations based on vehicle and engine type.

Local Labour Initiative
Holding full records of all staff allows you to accurately report on the locality of your workforce. You can choose a report to suit your needs, either with staff living within a certain radius, total distance travelled to and from site and more. All data can be downloaded into CSV, Excel and many other formats for internal use as required.

firerollcallFire Roll Call
As all data is recorded in real time the system is capable of producing 100% accurate fire roll calls should an evacuation of the site be necessary. A simple single click process will quickly and easily give you a reliable record of all staff who should be at your meeting points.

wholelifeWhole Life Project Monitoring
Data is stored over the entire building project and can be recalled at any time, allowing you to accurately determine the performance of your site against multiple key performance indicators.

reportingReal Time and Archive Reporting
Reports can be produced from the system in real time or over set periods of time depending upon your needs.