Weather Station

Climatic data over the entirety of your building project.

weather station

Our weather station system can record Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed/Direction and more to give you a fully accurate record of conditions on building site throughout your project. Particularly useful for auditing purposes and in the justification of delays the system can either record to a central site database or we are also able to overlay the data on an image taken at predetermined intervals.

weather station

The unit has a range of additional sensors which can be included as required. These include:

  1. Soil Temperature
  2. Solar Radiation
  3. Ground Moisture
  4. UV Levels.


The logging software is able to display both current and archive information regarding your building sites giving you a complete picture of climatic conditions over the entirety of your build. The screen shot below shows a typical setup:

weather station

Each screen can be designed to display whichever data you require, leaving you in complete control of the system. All information is stored on site.