Wireless Videofied Solution

Temporary building site CCTV security for the early stages of your project.

temporarily powered cctv systems

The Outdoor MotionViewer Camera DCV is a battery operated, wireless outdoor motion activated camera designed for use in Videofied security systems. Motion-activated cameras are intended for applications where video verification of intrusion alarms is necessary or desired.

The DCV consists of a digital camera, a passive infrared motion detector, and S2 VIEW spread spectrum, Videofied interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two way communications with the control panel. The security camera consists of a CMOS black and white sensor and an 85 degree, wide angle lens. Two infrared LED provide a night illumination distance of approximately 8 meters/26 feet. For motion or movement detection, a Fresnel lens inside the cover captures a 12m/40 ft wide, 90 degree angle passive infrared pattern. The base can be fixed on wall directly or by using mounting. A tamper function provides cover tamper detection.

The building site CCTV system is typically installed to cover outdoor applications where there is a temperature fluctuation and areas where broad viewing/detection coverage is needed. When the alarm system is armed and the motion detector senses motion or movement, the detector transmits a signal and activates the camera, which captures a 10 second digital video segment. The control panel receives the signal and responds according to system configuration/programming.

The alarm and video segment are reported via the control panel to the central monitoring station, and can also be sent to an Email address for viewing. The detector is powered by three lithium batteries that can last two years or more, depending on the amount of detector activity.

The detector transmits a check-in signal every eight minutes that includes its unique identification code along with the current detection sensor state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, software revision, and battery status.